Hearing about one on ones was like someone gave me a torch and I could see clearly for the first time in a long time. I really believe in the system and implemented it in my company of 4 people (including me) at the earliest opportunity. I think there have been lots of positives out of it, but I am starting to flounder a little bit and could use some direction.

One relates to notes. There seems so little to take notes on when I meet with my people. I take brief notes on anything personal they raise, but I am honestly struggling to find things to take notes on for their 10 minutes. Right now, the biggest thing I want out of this is improved communication, and it's getting better, but I feel like, especially at the moment with us all in lockdown, we are struggling for stuff to talk about that is much different from what we are already talking about in our day to day stuff.  I do take notes for things to follow up on, one of my staff has raised particular things, and I used those, but I have found that 2 of the 6 weeks there was stuff to write down like that, the rest of the time, seemed more like a general chinwag. 

I have been using the downloaded forms, and I ask some of the questions, but the responses don't usually seem noteworthy.

Does anyone have any notes they could sanitize that might give me an example of how my notes "should" look? (sorry I know, that is a kind of daft thing to request).

One staff member made the point they feel that meeting once a week was too often. I think I stay the course, but his comment was that there didn't seem enough to chat about weekly given all the other communication we already do.


Thanks in advance for any tips.



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Hi networkn.

I was once a digital note-taker, but I have valued the advice to do written notes.

I use a single piece of paper for each meeting -- often it is jambpacked, but occasionally not so. During the week, as things occur to me that I want to chat about with each person, I grab the notebook where I have the next sheet for them and I start "my list" at the top of the page. I need a better system, since when they go first, I need to re-write my items underneath my notes on their points.

During the O3, I write down some great reminders for myself. If they speak about a child, or partner, or an upcoming vacation, I write short notes about this down. I was always wondering why my dentist would remember where I worked and other personal things I shared with them and then I realized that the dental assistant made notes about what I shared (always with my mouth half open and a tool or two sticking out) while in the dentist chair. For any action items for me, I flag them with an empty square in the margin to quickly flag them.

On Fridays, as part of my Getting Things Done (GTD) weekly mindsweep, I scan all of the O3 notes to see if there are any actions I have not yet scheduled or added to my to do list. For those directs who I am now doing some coaching with, I use (as per MT guidance) the back of the sheet for the notes specific to the coaching conversations. I hope this helps. I would like to hear from others as I can always learn new ways of capturing notes too.

From Calgary.

Steve Price