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Hi Community,

Can I ask my directs to propose / set their own metrics?

I have taken over another team within my department and their work is different to what I have managed in the past.  

I am about to start O3s with them and will also be required to complete their Annual Reviews in a few weeks time.

From reading their previous reviews, no metrics were set and there doesn’t seem anything in place.

Any guidance / comments is appreciated.



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Asking your directs to propose/suggest some metrics is fine. Trusting them to set their own metrics might be giving them a bit too much freedom though.

By all means get their input, but I think you should own the decision for what metrics you're going to use going forward. Give yourself some time to evaluate the different work that this team does. Have a listen to the Don't Change Metrics podcast too.

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I think it sounds like a great idea to get their input, I'm not sure I would base my entire review only off of self-chosen metrics though. I think it would be useful going forward as a way to gain insight into how your reports value/track their own progress. More than likely each individual won't give you the full picture but it would be a good starting point for developing your own metrics.

If I were in your shoes I wouldn't attempt to create metrics before fully understanding if they're useful. Depending on the industry, some metrics can do much more harm than good.

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Recommends sequence of actions (including meetings) to form coherent goals for the team.  [Manager Tools, 2020-08-31 through 2020-09-14]

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Yes you can ask your clients then bump it to your inhouse metrics. 

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Yes you can and that is a great move - you let your directs feel the sense of belongingness and appreciation. Great thing to do as leader!

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A lot of pluses with having directs propose their own metrics for the reasons people mention.