As everything sets for the new normal and mostly considers work from home due to Covid-19, is the hiring process became difficult or the other way around? Are all the steps done via online? Thoughts? 


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Any thoughts on this? 

The hiring procedures remain the same even if we are into the new normal and just additional provisions? 

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Yes, the general principles, of interviewing for a job, or hiring for a job, remain the same. For example, a job seeker still needs to sell what they've done and how well they have done it.

It appears that the details, of how that conversation happens, are shifting for many people. However, that doesn't change the conversation or the goals, of either person, in an interview.

The smaller details may vary dependng on the job, company, and industry.

I'm not sure if you are looking for a job or looking to hire people or want to have a conversation about theory and practices or something else...

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