Most of us if not all are ow doing zoom conference or virtual meeting due to COVID and you know for us to observe safetry protocol against CVID, how do you usually assess the effectiveness of your people at work? HOw do you coach them effectvely?

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Here's a start. Link to Sarah, from Manager Tools, talking about remote One-on-One's (O3's) here:

Also, some basics can be found in this podcast here:

It appears that Manager Tools will be publishing more info in the future, to help with the challenges of managing remote workers (including feedback, coaching, and one on one's).

As for evaluating employees' performances, might want to thinking about considering this episode about writing performance reviews:

Just a few suggestions. Again, I'm certain that the MT folks are working on getting out more material to address their thoughts and guidance on remote management.

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Same question for me, is online coaching effective? Is this gauge by the output same as onsite or office coaching?