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Hi, I'm virtual. Should I list a job location on my resume? If so, my home city or the employer's location?

Example 1: In a prior position, I managed a Business Unit and all directs in Atlanta, GA but I resided in Chicago, IL. I'd spend two weeks a month in Atlanta and the other weeks in my virtual home office. 

Example 2: In my present position, I live & work virtually in Columbus, OH for 3 weeks a month and 1 week a month I'm in San Francisco at my employer's location (at least I was pre-Covid).

Thank you.


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For me putting job location is not necessary anymore.  

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Which suggests you'd list that as "Atlanta GA / Chicago IL" and "Columbus OH / San Francisco CA".

For my remote-only contracts, I cite "remote (Atlanta GA)".

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ZITTER & jrb3. Thank you for taking time to give your opinion. I'll try no location to give space for description and accomplishments. 

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If the job you are applying for would require you to work remotely, I would make a point of indicating you have experience doing so. Otherwise, not relevant and use the space to better purpose.

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I agree with vwelch. You can do something else with that space to impress.

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I agree with you sir. It is wise to place something that is material to the position you are applying. 

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Location for remote work experiences is not necessary to list. Just indicate that it is remote or virtual.