I  had started to lookup Kate's email to ask her directly, since she was the presenter at the Kansas City conference that I attended in 2018.  If my memory serves me (which it does less frequently as time rolls on), I recall her telling the conference attendees, that we could use her email like a Disney Fast Pass, should we need some management assistance. 

Then while concurrently listening to a recent pod cast, I was reminded of the forum(s) and that I could also search the site itself.  Yet, when searching this site i found nothing relevant other than the "coach yourself" show notes.  Determined to save my fast pass for a real emergency, here I am, throwing myself upon the mercy of my peers and above..

So beloved community of those who endeavor to create a better world,

Can anyone recommend some resources I could use for coaching a direct who stutters?  She is an outstanding resource and her work product is beyond reproach, and someone that I honestly want to help become more effective, believing that mitigating this even a little would help.

Kate if you're reading this, I am the red haired old guy, well mostly white haired now and even then, that gave you a KC Royals clock, to remember us here in the Heart of America (and apologize for my fellow Kansas Citians who did not show up in mass as I thought they would and should)..

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Hello, sir! I am reading this and remember you fondly. I still have the clock. I will draft you some guidance here in the next few days. Please stand by and I will post here for you.