I heard the advice to send written thank-you notes even when everyone is working from home and we don't have people's home addresses (and even if we did using them would be creepy). The advice was to send it to the company's business address and it would probably be forwarded by the company to the person's home address. It seems like imposing additional work on the poor admin who has to risk their health to go to the office and get the mail.

Also, when we are interviewing over Zoom and people are at home, we won't have their phone numbers either, so that part of follow-up doesn't work either.

Just e-mail for now? Thoughts?

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I'm not sure I would worry about the admin "risking their health" to go to the office for your letter. They need a solution to handle the mail whether or not you send a letter. I expect most responsible businesses have some process to forward mail if it's important enough with minimal health risk.

Over the last year in our office, we have one person who goes in and handles the mail once a week. Normally she's by herself in the office. If someone else needs to come, they have minimal contact, stay masked and keep the distance. 


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Sending formal thank you letter is a nice way of showing that you appreciate their effort. But as everyone is aware of covid 19 situation, we also send thank you notes via emails. We have a big team of writers who are now working from home but a small token of their hardwoor, our company has policy to send monthly bonuses and with a formal thank you letters. W stopped sending letter to their postal address since July 2020.

But we do mention in email that we are missing sending you thank you letters officially. I do believe that letters feel more awarding than emails but I think in the current circumstances everyone understands that email is the best option.

Wither way, team members do remain motivated so keep up the good practice.

Amelia Green
CEO, CM Solutions, OvrClock, Homvela

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The trend today is converting everything that is possible into digital. Sending E-mail is a good choice.