There is a job at "company A" that I applied for early in my search that is much more junior than what I am doing now and would likely be a large pay cut. I finished the interview process with them 2.5 weeks ago. I am now proceeding through the interview process with three other companies for more senior roles much more appropriate for my experience level. Those are looking promising although I don't have any offers yet (interviews are still in progress). Given that I am much more optimistic about getting a senior level role than I was a few weeks ago, I think the odds I would accept company A are very low.

Today I got a request from company A for my references. I don't know that I want to bother people with getting phone calls about a job that I am unlikely to accept. I'm trying to decide whether to send a list of references, withdraw my application, or stall for time. My final round of interviews with one of the other companies is Friday, so I probably won't have more info until sometime next week. I haven't seen the offer from company A, so I don't know how low it will be.

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Follow-up: I withdraw my candidacy. It didn't want to waste the time of my references, the comany, or myself on something I know I would decline (even if the money was higher than expected). I made in to the final set of interviews with two other companies for which the roles are a much better fit. I just did the "virtual on-site" for one today and sent in my availability for the other. Hoping for the best.