Hi everyone,

I am new to this forum, so bear with me. I am a middle manager overseeing a staff of 6 employees and one of them recently sent me a text after hours that was definitely not meant for me. It was a message complaining about something I did - which was something I could have explained to him had he asked me directly.

Now I need to address it - how do you handle this? The employee has been a bit of a pain and difficult since being hired, generally does good work but has a tendency to run his mouth and complain to any and everyone that will listen. I have spoken directly with him about a few things related to this but not to this level.

Appreciate the input!

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If you listen to "The Two Reasons to Fire Someone," he is tearing down the team with this action.


Since you have been giving feedback on tearing down the team, I think that this would qualify for Shot Across the Bow Feedback or Systemic Feedback from the "Feedback Continuum" podcast.  This is just one more example of the lack of change in his behaviors that tear down the team.

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Well ,it may be nice to know the reason why your staff is always complaining. It would be nice to talk to her again one on one and frankly address to her that you are the recepient of the text message. Let her talk and while she do so, assess her regarding on how she says things. 

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Discuss the trust issues between you and your staff and come up with suggestions or recommendations on how to build a stronger relationship between the two of you in the work place. Being open is a great start up.