Hey everyone, 

I am making a list of team enhancement activities for a group of supervisors. And I am thinking that to have activities that are in time with Spring. 

I only have Scavenger hunt in my list and I am planning to at least have 5 to 6 activities. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks in advance :)

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If you will a physical or face to face teambuilding, search for activities that are convenient in following the pandemic protocols. Safety first :) 

Or you may search for virtual team building activities - I think this option is timely though challening but you can tweak so as to reach your objectives. 

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@Breanna thanks. I will suggest that we will just do a virtual one. Actually I found an article about it and it has some suggestions - good ones really -

And i think almost all things will be done virtually as long as the pandemic is not yet over. What do you think about the article? 

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We had one activity that is virtual and it was successful. We had so much fun. HR organized it so well and simple. Overthinking things would just complicate the activities. Instead of having fun, you tend to focus on the technicalities since it is online. 

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Thanks @Arbitta for sharing your experience. I will take note of that and relay it to our HR. Thanks!