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Some of my diects include me on any communications to my Boss, some don't which occasionally leaves me flatfooted or unaware of a decision. Should I require that? Any feedback would be appreciated

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The short answer is that it depends on the circumstances, the relationships above and below you, and what best serves everyone, including the organization. Regardless of whether you're 'cc'd, your direct should be keeping you in the loop and should not be communicating around you without your knowledge. Regardless of what you decide to do, it's crucial that you communicate your expectations clearly and confirm that everyone understands.

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If the topic is anything that makes you feel left "Flatfooted" those things should be communicated to you as soon as possible. Copying email is helpful.  And so would just letting you know what happened at a meeting, on the phone, or in the elevator.


Yes, you should provide some feedback that lets your employee know that you expect them to keep you updated, so that you are not left feeling flatfooted when talking with your Boss.

Copy/ CC emails

Verbal and/or written update notes about committee meetings

Verbal update if they happen to bump into the Boss in the elevator and that topic project comes up.


That is not to say you are requiring them to tell you about everything they might talk to the Boss about.

Focus on the work product / project, not about the fact that they are talking to the Boss.

Good Luck.



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I lean towards "no, not everthing, just the important things." Of course, the hard aspect to that statement is figuring out how to articulate what "important things" are that you want to be included on. Yes, it would be easier to just say "everything" and I wouldn't fault someone for doing so. But I think there is a real plus to this situations in taking the time to articulate what you want and start building judgement in your directs. Also, practicing articulating what you want is a key skill to good delegation.

Hence I would sit down with some examples of communications you want to be included on, some examples where you don't, and discern some heuristics to separate the two. There will be some personal preference here and particularities of the situation, but I'm guessing things such as major updates, surprises, good news, bad news, things involving certain parties, etc. And you may find situations where you don't want to be included in the communication, instead you want to be communicated to first or through (bad news comes to mind).

Once you have your heuristics, communicate those to your directs, and start giving Feedback when they hit or miss the mark.

Good luck,



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In my perspective, if the communication is work-related, decision-making and other critical matters, I believe that you should be included in the loop. 

As head, you should know what is happening with your team, the communications, and decisions since you will be accountable for your team. 

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When overseeing, it is actually a good idea to be always involved when your directs are communicating with the boss. It will be your edge to be always updated on what's going on in your department.

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It's a sign of respect when you staff includes you when communicating with the boss. In addition, you will not be left behind of whatever discussions they may have.