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BLUF: Do Presentations have agendas?

I am an individual contributor working on a training for my team-mates. We are currently working remotely, so I posted the educational materials in our Teams Channel. My skip-boss saw it and asked to attend! I was already planning to use the MT Guidance (cast episodes: Presening in Zoom, Mastering Presentations). I do not see anything related to whether agendas are appropriate for training. It will be my first time meeting my skip so I want to make a good first impression! The topic is very basic, and I have 21 or so slides I will present.

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Hi Nicole

I too deliver training to my team both in person and remotely. While I know you haven't asked for all this but are keen to make a good impression, my tips are:

Send a reminder out a day or so before and try and get people to log in on time

Make some housekeeping announcements like put yourselves on mute, cameras on, whether its a recorded session, whether slides or notes will be distributed after etc

Either an agenda setting out the topics that will be covered or the outcomes that should be delivered is useful for setting the scene. I usually send this out pre-training too.

An hour or so before check all your connections, backgrounds, dress, camera angle etc

If you are using slides, I check they either have a copy or can see my copy on their screen if screen sharing

Make sure you tell them what slide you are on e.g. I usually say something like 'now turning to slide number N' helps people stay on track especially if they are using their own copy

I also make clear what I'm referring to on the slide ,or system if training a new system out, e.g. in the top left corner in the blue box headed....Don't just use colours in case someone is colour blind (yes it has happened to me) 

Check understanding e.g. I usually say something like 'does anyone have any questions, or ask them to 'raise a remote hand' 

If you can, try and get someone to monitor for questions or raised hands as it makes it easier for you. Or say you'll respond to questions at the end

Stick to timing and speak clearly and a little slower than you might in a conversation. This is especially useful if you have a diverse group or the topic is quite technical

Hope this helps and if you have any tips too please let me know.

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This is wonderful information! Thank you so much for taking time to reply. 


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@Nicole, it is more on the training's objectives and goals instead of having it called as agenda. 

@Helen, will be taking note of your list - I love how comprehensive it is. Thank you for sharing! 

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This is impressive @Helen , good share. This is very applicable nowadays since most are work from home and could attend only via online platforms. 

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Wow @Helen, the way you explained the whole thing is really commendable. Even I have to provide training to my team mates by making presentations. I'll keep your points in mind henceforth. Thank you.