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Good evening to all of you!

Can you tell me if some of you were able to manage ramp up companies experienced these days? How did you prepare and what did you do?  

Going back in 2020 when the pandemic hits us, many companies had to layoff/furlough massively.  Now these days, in the industry where I work (aviation) we experienced a huge ramp up of recalls since the month of June.  As managers, our work has doubled, however we cannot hire more managers until we hit 50% of the (unionized employees) back.  As a result, we have to prioritize, work over 50-60 hours per week and we cannot delegate since we cannot hire more according our finance department.  

I am curious about how you would manage this kind of unusual situation and I want to learn from that too.  Thanks for your input ☺️


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Hi @Sophie. Well honestly, this pandemic has indeed created a havoc to all the industries. In our sector, we had primairly thought of letting our employees come to work on alternative days and work for 10 hours a day to streamline the productivity. But we could see this was not enough. Some permanent employees had to be laid off. I know our industries are different but it is an undeniably common fact that people badly needed jobs to survive and the sudden unemployment was killing them all. We received ample orders from our clients across the world, but we were unable to meet the same due to lack of employee shortages.  In such case, hiring employees interested to work only as freelancers was the only way to deal with the situation. The senior and middle management teams had communicated and held meetings frequently to conduct remote training programs for the newly employed. Continuous Zoom meets were organized and as seniors, we had to divide our work and plan for making presentations for employee training, developing advertising and promotional contents as well as managing the team productivity. 




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Hi Christina, thank you for for your input.  I find it valuable and a great way to being able to continue producing the amount of work we are required by hiring external as freelancers!  Great tip thanks again!