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I'm interviewing for an internal opening in our company, and while the interview information is sent out to all candidates the same (as a phone-only interview), I know how to work the system and join the interview through our collaboration software - enabling me to join via video.

So, the question is, should I go down this route and "video crash" the interview?  I do not know whether other candidates are having phone-only interviews, or whether some might be in person...  As I am local, and they know me, and I was asked for a phone interview, I suspect that all of the interviews for this position are phone interviews...

Thanks for the wise guidance and advice!

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Don't be foolish.

Do it the way that you have been asked to do it.

Participate in interviews int eh way you have been invited.

Doing anything else would prove that you don't follow instructions and give the impression that you think you are better and smarter than everyone else.

If I were a hiring manager and a candidate "crashed" any meeting in any way, or joined in a way I did not provide insructions that would be a reason to say - "No" .

And if that person was internal, I might let their supervisor know that their Direct behaved improperly during an interview.


Good Luck