I have been a big fan of the MT Roadmap using it to ramp up as a new leader of my team. I have recently started giving feedback and have been using the tool to track instances of feedback to my directs. 

When I go to the Dashboard, I see a nice graph of my O3 tracking, but the Dashboard still shows "You have not started Feedback yet." 

Is there a bug with feedback tracking or is there some RoadMap criteria that I may not have met yet? I have been checking off the task in RoadMap. 


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Is anyone using there feedback tracker?'s picture

I just did my Feedback briefing last week and gave my first piece of Feedback today. It does not show a graph yet. I will let you know if it appears after the week rolls over.'s picture

It did not.

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Just checking--are you at the point in rolling out the trinity where you should start giving feedback?  Just wondering if the tool thinks you're still in the "O3 only" portion of rolling out the trinity, and why you're not seeing any feedback reporting trends/graphs.

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I've been dealing with this for some time and have actually completed the entire rollout check-list. 

Several attempts to use the Feedback tracking were unsuccessful for me. 

When this thread came back to life a few weeks back, I did try again. The Feedback tracker is working for me now!'s picture

FYI in addition to this posting I put in a ticket/question via the app and someone from the MT team has fixed the issue fore me. Feedback graph is now working.