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In today's environment many companies are listing some jobs hybrid, some full remote, and other no mention.  If a company has jobs listed in all of these location categories would it be acceptable to apply for a posting that didn't mention remote status and then if an offer was made negotiate being able to work remotely?  

Or would it be a waste of time to even apply... 


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As you note many companies are now declaring whether a job can be carried out in part or fully remotely. Which leads me to think that for those roles where working remotely is not given as an option, the role is office based.

My take on this would be if you are applying for a job that has no indication of whether the company offers hybrid or home working then apply on the basis you will be required to wok in the office. If the company raises the option of hybrid or working from home in the interview or after you've joined them, then I believe its appropriate to discuss the company's policy and how it might apply to you. The policy ought to cover the extent to which the company adopts the hybrid/WFH approach. Otherwise I wouldn't ask. 

I'd be interested to know if one else has any thoughts on this.

If working remotely is not negotiable for you then, I recommend looking for an alternative job.

To give you some context of my personal views of WFH: I can choose to work from home 4 days a week and go into the office 1 day a week. We have 2 offices to I choose to go into both offices 1 day a week and often more frequently even when I know none of my team are there and I have no reason to be in. I also adverstise that I am willing to go into the office on any day of the week. I'm seeing benefits in terms of how people 'see' me and the opportunities I'm being given.

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Thanks for your POV, much of your take was what my gut sense was :-)