Since March 2020 we've canceled several public conferences and rescheduled others. We are evaluating our 2021 conferences on a case by case basis, daily. What is reflected on the website at any given moment is the most up to date information available.

If you have questions, please send them to: [email protected].

Yes, of course, that is always our policy. Attendees may cancel or defer up until the last minute, no questions asked. We may feel soon that we do need to cancel more events. If we do, we’ll communicate with attendees and give them priority for attending our next (or any future) conference.

You may cancel for a full refund at any time. You can delay attendance at any time with no charge. This is what we’d want if we were you. Just let us know your plans at: [email protected] and we will action the request quickly.

We have video versions of all of our conferences available online here. We have a virtual option for our Effective Manager Conference available online here and an Effective Communicator Conference available here. We are offering video versions free of charge to anyone whose in person conference registration needs to be pushed forward to a later date due to this situation. Please send us an email at [email protected] if you have any questions about your registration.

Yes, we host virtual Effective Manager and Effective Communicator Conferences. Details on our Virtual EMC can be found online here and our Virtual ECC can be found here. We have video versions of all of our conferences available online here. We are offering video versions free of charge to anyone whose in person conference registration needs to be pushed forward to a later date due to this situation. Please send us an email at: [email protected] if you have any questions about your registration.

Yes. There will be 6 feet between each seat at any conference we conduct in the near future.

Alcohol based hand sanitizer and disposable masks will be available for use of attendees. We'll not reuse markers, you’ll get new markers each day. The tables will be disinfected daily. We're providing pre-packaged meals rather than buffet-style. Attendance numbers will be limited to the max gathering limits to each location. And our seating arrangement will be laid out to meet social distancing requirements.

You can always contact us at [email protected], any time and we will be here to answer your questions.

We have compiled all our casts about working from home, budgets, distant managers, etc. here: Managing Effectively During COVID-19.

There’s a cast for that! In fact, we have a few casts that we think will help. We have compiled all our guidance here: Managing Effectively During COVID-19.

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  • The easiest way to get our podcasts is to download our app. You can get an android version here and an iOS version here.
  • There are many other podcast "catchers" available - you'll find them on the app store for your device - and you can simply search for Manager Tools and Career Tools. If you need the RSS feeds, you can find those here

The easiest way to get our podcasts is to download our app. You can get an android version here and an iOS version here.

There are many other podcast "catchers" available, and you can simply search for Manager Tools and Career Tools. If you need the RSS feeds, you can find those here.

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You can find all our podcasts on the Map of the Universe or all podcasts pages.

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RoadMap is automatically included with your Annual License; another benefit to this amazing product!

RoadMap is our brand new, interactive app that assists you in more effectively rolling out the Trinity to your organization. Reminders and prompts to help you keep track of your One On Ones & Feedback, with ready answers at your fingertips for whenever you have questions or need an extra bit of guidance. RoadMap is the perfect partner to help you become an even better manager!


8:00 Welcome & Purpose
8:05 Agenda & Ground Rules
8:15 Introductions
8:45 Know Your People - One On Ones
9:45 Break
9:55 One On Ones (Continued)
10:30 Talk About Performance - The Feedback Model
11:30 Break
11:40 Feedback Practice
12:30 Working Lunch: Rolling Out The Manager Tools Trinity
1:30 Ask For More - The Coaching Model
2:30 Break
2:40 Coaching Practice
3:20 Break
3:30 Push Work Down - The Delegation Model & Practice
4:30 More Feedback Practice
5:00 Close


8:00 Welcome & Purpose
8:05 Agenda & Ground Rules
8:15 Introductions
8:30 DiSC Overview
9:45 Break
9:55 Communication Behaviors
11:00 Break
11:10 Observe Practice
11:40 Working Lunch: Email Communication Behaviors & Practice
12:40 Analyze Practice
2:00 Break
2:10 Tailor Practice
3:30 Close


8:00 Welcome & Purpose
8:05 Agenda & Groundrules
8:15 Introductions
8:45 How To Prepare To Interview
9:45 Break
9:55 How To Create And Ask Questions
10:30 Break
10:40 How To Ask Questions Practice
11:00 How To Listen To An Answer
11:30 How To Listen Practice
12:15 Working Lunch: How To Finish And Evaluate
1:30 How To Probe
2:30 Break
2:40 How To Probe Practice
3:15 Parking Lot
3:30 Close

Our public conferences are delivered by our experienced presenting associates. Before presenting solo, our associates go through an intensive training process and must demonstrate knowledge of the content and ability to deliver the content to Manager Tools extremely high standards. Our co-founder, Mark Horstman, no longer delivers public conferences.

Yes.  Breakfast is usually available for 30 minutes in the morning prior to the start of each day.  There are also breaks throughout the day.   Often attendees who travel in and are staying at the the hotel will meet together for dinner at the end of the day.  While we appreciate any invitation, we regret that our presenting associates aren’t able to join you at the end of the day.  

Yes.  Part of being a manager is giving presentations.  If that makes you nervous or uncomfortable, you’re not unusual.  You’ll have an opportunity to practice at our conferences in a safe learning environment.

Our conferences are currently not affiliated with any accreditation organization.  However, many of our attendees have been able to get credit by presenting a certification of completion.  We’re happy to provide you with a certificate indicating the name, date of the conference(s) you attended, and number of training hours.  Please email us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to assist you. 

We limit our Effective Manager and Effective Communications Conferences to approximately 30 people.  Our Effective Interviewer Conference is strictly limited to 30 people.  The smaller size allows you to get personal attention and feedback on how you’re doing during the practice.  It also provides time for the highly interactive nature of our delivery, including time to answer all your questions.

You can see all our upcoming dates and locations here

We often receive questions on dress code for the conferences.  Each conference is a robust day filled with interactive practice and dialogue.  While we understand that you want to appear professional, we want you to be comfortable, absorbing the content, and not dreading that you are being strangled by a too tightly tied tie. The meeting room will be cold.  We suggest you bring a sweater or jacket with you.  Bottom line, professional AND comfortable to maximize your experience.

Yes, we are serious about the cold room.  Our agenda includes a lot of interactive practice which means you’ll be up and moving around.  Better to be cool in the morning than far too hot in the afternoon.  With our energy we might be sweating while you end up shivering without a sweater or light coat.  We suggest that women do not wear skirts or dresses for this reason.  We ask that you please plan accordingly as we will not increase the room temperature if you’re chilly.  

Our official cancelation policy is provided below.  And, we understand that life sometimes happens and try to work with you as best as possible.  If you can’t attend at the last minute, we usually are able to offer you a seat at any future Manager Tools conference of your choice.

Cancellation Policy

Registrants unable to attend will receive a refund of the paid registration fee, less a $50 USD processing charge, provided the cancelation occurs no later than 60 days prior to the Conference. Cancelations processed no later than 30 days prior to the Conference will be refunded 50% of the registration fee. No refunds will be given for cancelations processed less than 30 days prior to the Conference.

If a registrant is unable to attend an event for any reason they may substitute, by arrangement with Manager Tools, an alternative participant with no additional charges. Participants are responsible for negotiating refunds of associated hotel charges directly with the hotel management. Refunds will be issued within 30 business days after the Conference concludes and will be credited the credit card with which the purchase was made.

No.  US locations are the same price everytime.   Due to the greater travel and hotel expenses, our international conference prices vary by location and fluctuate with the exchange rates.  You can find the current price for each conference here.

In addition to the training, practice, and materials, we provide continental breakfast, lunch, and snacks and beverages throughout the day. Attendees of our EMC will receive access to our  Trinity Rollout Email Series. Those who attend our ECC will receive a series of follow up emails with reminders of what was discussed during the day.

Dinner, hotel expenses, parking, and transportation are not included.  We do our best to book hotels that provide free shuttle service to and from the airport and negotiate discounted room rates for our attendees staying at the hotel.

While that is our preferred method, we realize some companies prefer to pay via invoice.  Please send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll assist you with the registration process.

We’re happy to extend a special discount for attendees paying their own registration fee.  Please email us your information at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help you complete your registration.

Yes.  Should a conference sell out, we will start a waiting list and do our best to accomodate as many folks as possible.

Absolutely!  One of the most common comments we hear from experienced managers who attend our Effective Manager Conference is “I wish I had known this when I first became a manager!”  It’s a great opportunity to be ready with a plan of action before you get promoted.  Additionally, many of behaviors we teach can be applied to other work relationships such as peers or project team members.

Our Effective Communications Conference is for any professional who wants to learn how to be a more effective communicator.  The entire Manager Tools team will tell you the behaviors you’ll learn during the ECC are the most powerful we’ve ever learned during our careers.

And you don't have to be a manager to be involved in the hiring process. If you are contributing to the hiring process in any way, whether you be an interviewer or are responsible for onboarding, this event is for you. We all play a role in ensuring those we hire are up to the task and are well prepared for their roles in our organization.

Only a desire to get better.  You do not need to be at any certain level of management.  We have frontline managers, directors, through executives attend our conferences.  All we ask is you be willing to change your behaviors. 

Yes!  We’ve had many managers attend with their teams.  They tell us it’s very beneficial to learn alongside their directs.  It’s also useful to have the chance to discuss the concepts with your directs during breaks and over meals.  We have great admiration for any manager willing to attend management training with their directs and admit they don’t have all the answers.

Yes.  Please indicate your dietary needs on your registration form.  Your personal comfort and well-being are important to us.

If you are interested in booking a room in the hotel where the training is offered, all the hotel details can be found on your Conference Homepage.

Of course! Email Maggie at [email protected], and she'll take your details and provide you with options.

Login to the site, and click 'My Account' in the top right hand corner of any page to go to your Account Page. You'll be able to find a link to all your products, licenses and conferences there.

Yes.  If you're unsatisfied in any way, we'll refund your money.  Please email us at: customer [email protected]

Sorry, no.  We focus exclusively on the DiSC 2.0 Classic product.

You can purchase multiple DiSC assessments directly from the product page. Select 'add to cart', and then alter the quantity from within the cart. Once the checkout process is completed, the DiSC assessments will be available on the products tab of your Account. You'll be able to distribute the DiSCs and see the results by selecting 'DiSC Profile' from there.

It is an online tool.  It will take less than 30 minutes to complete

As soon as you complete the online DiSC assessment, you will be emailed a detailed DiSC Profile in PDF form.  Within a short period of time, the DiSC Profile will also be availble on your profile page so you can easily access your DiSC Profile in the future.

All Manager Tools materials are for personal use only as outlined in our Terms of Use and may not be shared without an explicit agreement.

If you would like to discuss an organizational license, please contact us at [email protected].

The Trinity are the core principles that underly our management philosophy.

One on Ones

Effective managers create relationships with each of their directs. To do that, we recommend spending 30 minutes every week talking to the direct about their work.

A solid relationship with one's directs is the most important thing great managers do. The best way we know to make that happen is One on Ones.


Great managers talk about performance all the time. They do so easily, quickly both positive and negative. Our feedback Model tells you exactly what to say and how to say it.


Great managers are never satisfied. They ask for higher performance. Our goal-driven coaching model makes it easy for you to oversee the skill and performance improvement of your directs - in 5 minutes a week. If you've been avoiding coaching because training plans take too much time, you're doing it wrong.


Effective managers push work down. It frees them up to work on higher value projects and develops their team's capabilities. Our delegation model tells you what to delegate, why and, most importantly, how.

If you're looking for information about a particular topic, use the Get Answers page.  If you're more of a visual thinker, use the Map of the Universe - there's a link at the top of each page.

If you're still struggling to find the answers you need, ask on the forums.  There's always someone around to point you in the right direction.

If you need answers about our products or training, and the answer isn't on this page, email us at [email protected].

You may have unchecked the selections that allow us to send you mail.  You can check by going to your Account and then selecting Newsletter Subscriptions.

If this is not the case, then the emails may be going into spam.  This happens frequently with corporate email accounts.  You may wish to switch to a personal account in this case.

If neither of these solutions resolves the issue, please email us at [email protected]  We'll be happy to investigate further. 


You can request a new password via your Account. Select 'Edit Account' and 'Request new password'. 

If you no longer wish to continue your subscription to the Personal license, go to your Account and click on Subscription to cancel your recurring charge. Your current subscription will expire, and you will no longer be charged. Remember, your subscription to Personal licenses are recurring until you cancel your subscription. If you cancelled your subscription, but you were still charged, let us know via email to [email protected] and we will be happy to issue a refund.

Go to your Account page and then click on the Stored Cards tab. You may edit payment details there.

Monthly Personal licenses are monthly recurring subscriptions.  Annual licenses are charged each year automatically.

The subscription will automatically renew until you cancel the subscription. To cancel your subscription, go to your Account Page.

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Thank you for your interest.  We are not looking for interviewees at this time.

Thank you for your interest.  We're not accepting interview requests at this time.

Our mailing address is: 

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