Effective Hiring Manager Conference (in person).


8:00 Welcome & Purpose - Review of our purpose: learning & practicing Effective Hiring Manager Behaviors..
8:05 Agenda & Groundrules - Review agenda, and interactively agree on the day's ground rules.
8:15 Introductions - All attendees will prepare and a present a 30-second introduction.
8:45 Effective Hiring Principles & Process - Review the purpose and process of an interview.
9:30 Break
9:40 Creating/Asking Interview Questions - How to create and ask behavioral interview questions.
10:00 Creating/Asking Questions Practice - Practice creating and asking behavioral interview questions.
10:30 Break
10:40 Interviewing Candidates In Person - How to structure a day of final, face to face interviews.
11:10 How To Listen & Practice - How to maximize the core of an interview – listening to answers. Practice listening to answers, taking notes, & recalling key points.
12:00 Lunch & Screening Candidates - How to screen a candidate's documents and social media. How to do an effective phone screen.
1:00 How To Probe & Practice - How to ask targeted questions during candidate’s response to draw out specific behavioral details. Practice listening to actual responses to interview questions, while probing for more specific behavioral details.
2:00 Interview Results Capture - How to finish an interview & capture interview results at the day’s end.
2:30 Break
2:40 How To Offer/Decline/Delay - How to make a job offer, delay & decline candidates.
2:50 How To Onboard - How to onboard your new hires.
3:25 Parking Lot - Time for final questions.
3:30 Close