The Trinity are the core principles that underly our management philosophy.

One on Ones

Effective managers create relationships with each of their directs. To do that, we recommend spending 30 minutes every week talking to each of your directs.

Building a solid relationship with their directs is the most important thing great managers do. The best way we know to make that happen is Manager Tools One on Ones.


Great managers talk about performance all the time. Our Feedback Model tells you exactly what to say and how to say it.


Great managers are never satisfied. They ask for higher performance. Our goal-driven Coaching Model makes it easy for you to oversee the skill and performance improvement of your directs - in 5 minutes a week. If you've been avoiding coaching because training plans take too much time, our Coaching Model will show you a better way.


Effective managers push work down. It frees them up to work on higher value projects and develops their team's capabilities. Our Delegation Model tells you what to delegate, why and, most importantly, how.