Bravo! This would be approximately my 1st month anniversary listening to your podcasts but everything you mentioned is spot on. Yes, I have gone back and devoured nearly all previous casts at least once, and some twice. No, I cannot tell you anything new that you haven't heard before in terms of experiences. I am so grateful to you both for providing the community with such a well thought out, practical series of podcasts. This is by far the most valuable source of learning on management that I have ever had the priveledge of being introduced to.

And the part about a subscription service, I would expect it and have no problem in paying for it. The insight that I have already gained is invaluable. I'll cover more details in the appropriate forums but I just wanted to add my name to the "Thanks" list.

Keep up the great work!

Mark's picture


Thanks for the great note! You know, it really is people like you that we're doing this for. To be helping you be a better manager is what gets us going to do this every morning.

Consider your name added... and, it's our pleasure (and privilege) to serve you.


MattJBeckwith's picture

Mark & Mike - thanks for a great year worth of 'casts! Congratulations seems to do a disservice to the influence you and your material have had on my effectiveness as a manager! I'd like to make a couple observations after listening to the anniversary 'cast.

First, thank you. It was great to hear your thoughts on where you guys have been and what's in store this year and next.

I didn't realize it until now but I listen to a lot of podcasts (although only a couple with any regularity) and have never taken notes or gone back to listen to old shows. Also, I didn't realize that most of the other podcasts I listen to plug other podcasts (except my favorite few NPR ones). This was the first M-T 'cast I was able to listen to as I excersized on my bike; there was no need to take notes.

You mentioned the sound quality improving. I think I was the last person to realize (when you mentioned it) that you two aren't in the same room when you record it. Also, I will always remember the fire truck siren in the background... classic.

If I had a dollar for everytime I've said that the definition of conflict is "2 people in the same county" and "conflict is what makes the process work" I'd have more cash than could fit in my wallet.

Lastly, I have always prided myself in how I gave feedback and have only seen how much better I could get and, as you mentioned, my directs and their directs are benefitting.

Kudos again gentlemen, for this great tool.

MattJBeckwith's picture

I have learned so many things from M-T but one thing that I always forget to mention is the 11 steps to an effective management podcast:

1. Have speakers that are easy on the ears
2. Have a predictable schedule
3. Give useful content
4. Be concise
5. Sell me something or don't (don't hide it if you are)
6. Have a relevant and easy to use online discussion forum
7. Interject a little bit of humor or occasional laugh
8. Be direct!
9. Feature Mark Horstman
10. Feature Michael Auzenne
11. If you have 10 steps (or some other round number) add a step!

Seriously, thanks again from a great year! Looking forward to more great shows.


Mark's picture


It's official. With notes like that, you're member of the week!

Thanks for all your kind words. It means a lot to us that so many folks spend time with us every week. It's an investment on your part that we take very seriously and appreciate greatly.

Don't feel bad about not knowing we weren't in the same room. When I listen to a show, I am surprised too.

Keep listening - more great stuff to come.


Torch's picture


I enjoyed the anniversary cast a great deal, thanks for putting it out.

Feedback on the subject of paid memberships. I would not have a problem with the idea myself although I strongly urge you to adopt the tiered system you talked about in your cast. Taking me for example I get a great deal from all the work you put into this website and podcast, but I don't have as much income as the mangers that listen.


cincibuckeyenut's picture

The anniversary podcast prompted several ideas for potential revenue streams for you guys. Would you like us (or at least me, but I am sure others have great ideas too) to share those with you? If so, would you prefer it on the board or via email or PM?

Mark's picture


THanks for the input. Supose we said 15 bucks a month? Would that work for you?


Torch's picture

Yes, That area sounds like something most people in my ballpark could take on.


mauzenne's picture


Feel free to post them here ... Mark and I will find others' responses on your ideas very interesting.


DanStratton's picture

I'd pay $15/month.

I agree with the comments on the anniversary show. I really enjoyed your stepping out of the groove and letting us know where we are going. (sounds like a sign of a great manager, doesn't it? :wink: ) I love the weekly content and appreciate your devotion to keeping each one true and pure. I also appreciate hearing your thoughts on how things are going and making us a part of the plan. I am one of those who likes to see where we are going (can't stand to ride in the back seat), so it was valuable to me.

Mark's picture

Thanks Dan! We're very busy behind the scenes putting this all together... and when we hear support like yours, it gives us all the energy we need to make it happen.


cincibuckeyenut's picture

Here is what I have come up with so far.

- IPods with all your historical casts (and maybe some special ones) preinstalled. I am personally planning a leadership conference at my company and would love an easy way to be able to share MT with everyone

- One on one Booklet. I thought about making this myself at Kinkos for my own use, but have been too lazy so far. But the idea is to take the one on one pdf here [url] and make it into a booklet that is a cover you could put the employee's name on, one copy of page one and then 25 of page 2. Spruce it up by adding the initial one on one email, the coaching model pdf and delegation template pdf as attachments for quick reference. Make it over the top great by putting in a monthly page for manager notes/summary of that meeting's 1:1s with that person and a quarterly performance review sheet.

I envision when it is done about a 40 page booklet that a manager could buy for each employee they manage, one for each 6 months, and it could sell for something inexpensive, like $3.95 a piece or 10 (enough for 5 employees for a year) for $25.

- Last idea I had recently was to take your all time recommended book list (effective executive, etc.) and actually hook up an amazon (or other) bookstore to it that you could get a kickback from. Add to the all time recommended list a list of what you are reading now that also fed into the bookstore. Not sure if it would be possible, but do same thing with WSJ and the magazines you recommend. (postnote - after writing this, I actually looked at your website and found the bookstore, but obviously, it wasn't apparent enough to me ahead of time if I have been on the site for a while and had missed it. Maybe the redesigned website can do something about that. I also noticed no magazines or WSJ so maybe you can do something there. )

That is all I have right now over top what you mentioned in the cast. Hopefully others might have some better ideas than these or some good builds.

Mark's picture


These are GREAT ideas. We can honestly say that we're working on similar ideas in each area.

Thanks for sharing - more minds thinking about this stuff makes for better results.


fenskyc1's picture

Mark and Mike,

Over the last year I have taken tremendous value from the content on your podcasts. Tangible benifits is that my team is working more effectively and this has shown an increase in quality and productivity. I also find myself being more effective in how I approach daily tasks that relate to working and coaching the group. I also have seen benifit in that I don't have to waste my time reading poor content yielding books and have taken to heart your tip on not wasting time on those. The podcasts have changed the way I work. I actually look forward to my daily commute and have found way to use this time more effectively. (technical suggestion....can you put the fast forward /index breaks after key points so can back up to review capture notes without having to listedn to entire cast...not that that is a bad thing :D ) I have also found other podcasts that copy the approach and listen to them as well. The reason I found them is from your tip on book reviews. (It may be wise to investigate the business concept of those groups with your beta). Please look at this month laptop magazine audio book portable players as way of marketing audio content in "non-nuclear winter format".

Given the tangible benifit and how much you have improved my managing skills and the effectiveness of my team I will have no problem paying for premium content. Please keep up the good work and have recomended your cast to several of my up and coming managers that I am developing. Who would have ever thought than an IPod would be a useful business tool.....

Mark's picture


Thanks for the kind words. For Mike and I, this past year has become all about managers like you, sharing with us how they've become more effective. It means a great deal to us that you have used our work and made you and your team better at what you do.

We promise we are looking at all kinds of ways to make our quality and content better, and deliver more value.

Thanks for being a member, and stay tuned!