I just subscibed to 1 your membership.

After hearing most of the interview podcast, feel it really value for the money. For example, i learnt before that the more formal dressing the better. But I M&M taught me that no Black suit.

I have one sugesstion/question: is there any difference between 1st and 2nd interview in term of stucture (both same 5 steps) or contents (i.e. accomplishment answers)? Let's say if 1st one is hosted by department manager, and the 2nd one by one level up? If I have beated the 1st round, how different should I prepare for the 2nd one?


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I wouldn't prepare any differently for the second interview - I would simply continue following the steps for preparation.

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Double your efforts. The same five steps apply.


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Turn up the energy even more! :)

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1. Wear a different suit. If they joked about you being the only suit in the building for the first interview, make a point of something like "Hey, I wanted you all to see another suit, since I know you rarely see suits around here."

2. More energy. Somebody (probably Heidi Miller - check out her "Diary of Shameless Self Promoter" podcast) suggested stopping in a nearby parking lot, getting out of the car and literally jumping up and down a few times. Not enough to get sweaty, but enough to get your energy level up.


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This week I had 2 second interviews. The preparation was the same.

And what I learn (and try to apply) in interviews (both 3rd interviews are coming up next week) is how to tailor the conversation. Here's an example:

1st company, a small software startup, both interviews were a bit technical, more informational. It's so remote from M&M description of behavioral interviews (I guess from lack of experience in recruitment). There was no structure in both. At times I felt I was leading the interview. (Discuss: they are so small, they don't have offices. So interviews are done in coffee shops - what changes would you recommend in this environment?).

2ns comany, one was with a recruiter (which did have more structure), and the second was with the hiring manager (less structure). With each I had to know when to tell stories (including accomplishments) and when to do some small talk, and show interest in the company.

I think I improved my communication skills these last few weeks a lot. And my confidence.

Be pragmatic, not dogmatic. And expect the unexpected. :D

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tks all for the valuable advice.

Gilz, I think if you are interviewed for some technical posts, the contents can be quite technical. But for me, I will interview for a market analyst post. I will expect quite a lot M&M type behavious questions.

Tcomeau, nice advice regarding the jumping. You know what, I decided to do so. I think it will be good to relax yourself.

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Sorry this has taken me so long.

Different suit, different tie, same prep.



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Thank you, Mark