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I had 7 directs. However, management has assigned two of them to report to one of my other directs, who will still report to me. I hold weekly 1x1s with my directs and have strongly encouraged my direct who has the two reports to do the same. The reason for management's change was to give the one direct some "management" experience. I am fully in favor of that.

But... management want me to only give 1x1s to the two people reporting to my direct, only a monthly or two monthly basis, but have left it up to me. I do not like this idea. What are your opinions? What's the benefits for and against?

Many thanks, I have a week to decide. 





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Hi Rich,

I think what you are looking for is contained in this 2 part cast

Kind regards


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MT doesn't support O3s with skips and those former directs are now skips.  As Kevin has stated, there is a meeting you can have to communicate with skips.

Focus on the development of your direct to be a manager of these two new directs and coach your direct on the O3s.  

And you just found an hour in your week!