Recently I've been told that I'll be in charge of 3 directs in about 2 months. My future directs, who are currently my peers, won't find out about this for another month or so. Any suggestions about what I should do to prepare?

Here's what I'm planning to do:
1. Get educated on the top level view of the project, which involves going to meetings, talking with senior managers, etc.
2. Re-listen a few MT casts.
3. Meet with my future directs once the change is announced. Begin one-on-ones once the change is official.


P.S. I've been listening to MT for about 2 years. I'd have to give MT the biggest credit for helping me get a hold of my career and for getting me excited about management :)

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I recommend -

1. Listen the cast [b]First Rule for New Managers [/b]

2. When managing former peers and friends:
[list]Focus on earnings people's respect, not on becoming everyone's friend
Be yourself, do not radically change your behavior
Show that you deserve the promotion by demonstrating the skills and knowledge that go along with your new role
Don't go out to lunch or breaks with one team member more often than another
Be honest about what you know and don't know.
If a former friend expects special treatment explain the you value the friendship and you must now consider how others perceive signs of friendship[/list:u]

Bruce Tulgan, a smart thinker on management suggests...sometimes when you try to lay down the law, one of your friends might turn around and say to you, [i]"Hey, I thought we were friends!" [/i]Say, "[i]You know what? We are friends. And since we're such good friends, I was hoping that you would come in next week and work really, really hard all week to make me look good. But I'm not going to be able to pay you, OK? Since we're friends I thought you'd be willing to come in and do that for me." [/i]What is your friend going to say? "Hey listen, sorry, no hard feelings but this is a job." And you say, "Ding! And I'm the boss."[/b]