I have a new team with 27 directs. About half of them are working part time.
How would you implement one on one with such a team? Could I do one on one only every 2 or 3 weeks?
Thanks for your feedback

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Could you divide up the 27 into several teams/groups, promote group leaders, and do your one-on-ones with the leaders, while they do theirs with the group members?

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I thought I'd already submitted this but perhaps not. I am in the same boat as drenold. I'm wondering if I can break this down as per engineering_mgr suggests but in the short term it really is 6 teams each of which have no designated leader. 

So my plan is to conduct these fortnightly and develop a couple of leadership roles as soon as I can. Probably more guiding roles perhaps (expert points of reference?) but 24 in a week will be too many. 

Creative ideas anyone?