The interviewing series recommends wearing a three button suit to an interview. The gentleman at the suit shop informed me that this has been out of style for over five years and will make me appear dated. I realize that the podcast was made sometime ago, and I want to be sure that I have not missed an update regarding dress code for interviews. I also realize that he may tell me this, simply because he no longer carries that particular suit. 

Is the three button suit, still the recommendation?



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I'm wondering the same thing.

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My local suit shop doesn't even have three button suits, I went with a nice two button suit and nailed the interview by being prepared for as many questions as possible and rehearsing over and over and over for the past two months "about me" and all those other key questions. 

I was told specifically the suit topped it all off, the performance of the interview was great, and the thank you note spot on ;o)

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The MT guidance in the Interview Series is to wear a suit to your interview.

When you listen to the complete podcast (for men and women), the broad theme Mark and Mike mention is to avoid trendy fashions. That is avoid wearing clothing that would get in the way of you doing the job interview well. If you stray into "your own personal style" then you take on risk.

Also in the cast, Mark cautions about wearing the three button suit where the buttons are "too high." Again, the idea is to avoid being trendy.  Also, in the cast, the advice is to avoid what is considered fashionable with pinstripes changes very often.

I do not speak for Manager Tools in any official capacity. In my view, with it being 2018, a two button suit is fine. 

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Thanks for responding.

I have the Interviewing Series and agree with your assessment of the general theme. Due to time constraints, I followed that advice except that I went with the 2-button and had it tailored for a perfect fit. 

All went well, and I am working on my thank you notes.

A friend at the company said I nailed the interviews. Time will tell, if an offer comes! 



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I am no fashion expert. I would just watch some public interviews with leaders from companies and see what they are wearing. Our CEO is often visible nationally, and he wears dark grey or dark navy suits with a white shirt and two button jacket. Guys like him can also inform on ties that are in style.