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Before I take my 360 feedback action plan to my manager, I would greatly appreciate the awesome managers here to provide your input. I'm hoping I've interpreted the Handling 360 Degree Review Input podcast correctly. 

After taking out the obvious gap answers where I gave myself a 5 (seriously, dude? :)  ) as well as looking at the areas my manager ranked highly, I need to work on improving my listening skills and work on building more relationships. My plan is as follows:

Listening better:

  • Attend the class recommended by the company
  • Re-read Crucial Conversations. Work on a plan for how to practice the two levers that lead to the primary 7 factors.
  • As a High S, I need to figure out how to question others more. I tend to assume positive intent first. I need to be more "D". Somehow...  :)

Building relationships:

  • I have 3 potential mentors that I am lining up time with. One for building relationships/getting my name out there more. A second is my manager's peer - he can help me build relationships with his team. A third is a key leader in one of the new tools we are deploying internally to track work better. He was also mentioned by name by my manager as someone I need to be more like in an early conversation in my role here (6 mos).
  • Improve my weekly meeting with my peers across 6 verticals with better agendas and having others speak more than I do. 


  • By 01 October, have completed the internal class and set 2 new actionable goals from the learning. 
  • By 01 October, have re-read Crucial Conversations and built a weekly plan.
  • By 11 October, have re-listened to the High D podcasts and identified 5 behaviors I need to do more of to be seen as "less S" when talking to High Ds
  • By 12 September, have sent meeting invites and agendas to the 3 potential mentors. 
  • By 31 October, have modified my weekly peer meeting with improved agendas and have a 3rd party monitor that I'm speaking less than 50% of the time.


How does that sound? Thanks in advance for your input!!


- Scott M.