I have an interview I am prepping for that will be about 4 hours, with 1/2 hour for each person. Are there specific podcasts I can reference, or does anyone have some feedback on this style of an interview?


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Yes, and it was super helpful! I had the interview yesterday, and I just about to do the follow-up steps!


I guess my advice would be to bring snacks!;)

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I have done All Day interviews.

Welcome to the Big Leagues. 

They usually also include Lunch and Presentations with groups.

And Meetings with several different interviewers - or small groups of interviewers. 

My Advice to you is to :

* Find small breaks between the events - and during the lunch - to

* Visit the Rest Room OR Ask for water

Take that time to re-center and de-stress.

Splash some water on your face.

* Pep Talk yourself.  Remind yourself of the M-T Interview Advice.

* Have a pad and pen handy in your pocket to jot down the names of people you met - so that you can send Thank You notes Later.

* Have some safe Small Talk ready -- I like to ask about Travel, Vacations and Hobbies

Good Luck