Hi All -

I won't even say it is a friend, but I am in desparate need for help!

This position is ruining my life...actually it is me who is ruining it through worry, stress and now not performing well, but need some guidance and input on next steps.....

I have been in the work force in the Finance Area (auditor / sr. analyst / manager and now business manager) for approx. 15 years.....12 in the accounting field.

My tenure while in accounting has been:

[b]1st Job - 4.5 years - (20b Personal & Casualty Ins) caught up in the go-go 90s -got greedy and wanted more money...I also wanted to expand the role I was playing and get exposed to other businesses etc. - I actually left after 1 1/2 years only to have someone call me back in a diferent role (Longer Story)

[b]2nd Job - 10 months [/b](Huge SW & Svcs Company) - Job never panned out and forced me into a job I hated...not to mention..I hated being at that company that started with an "I" with 2 other letters.

[b]3rd Job - 2.5 years - Huge Telecom...went downhill right after I got there - layoffs, no direction and in disarray, offered new position...didn't pan out - 6 months after I left that job (and company for next position below) - group disbanded and given 3 months to find new internal job

[/b]4th Job - 2.5 years - ($150mm Health Insurance Outsource -sub of 1b organization) Well.....I screwed this one up ... doing great as an analyst - had the ear of execs. then played that into demanding management position. I ended up taking my boss's (sp?) when she was promoted and put into a position which she could certainly help and they needed her there, but she didn't transition well and frnakly - hung me out to dry - I also didn't do well in the position and had a lot of personal angst in my life at that time. Here's another funny one...when I left - the President (with a President size ego) called me to understand my decision for leaving - 50% to Expand into higher role with a major comapny and 50% because I was concerned about the business model going forward.....that didn't bode well when I discussed returning with another Executive in a different role....C'iest la vie!

[b]6th Job - 13 months - They warned me the people I were to support were tough (and jerks)...but, I took it anyhoo....person who hired me had her position eliminated - I doubled my responsibilities - they also gave me an employee they were about to put on a warning...neglected to bring that boss was very distant...and - environment was not conducive to doing a good job (everyone was satisfied with mediocrity due to system limitations...only feeding the operating groups disdain for finance's role).......was 50 / 50 on taking my current position....ended up taking the new job because it allowed me not to go back to the old one...!

[/b]Curent Job - here 18 months (200mm business) ....remote working; very weird and divided camps - being put in the middle of everything - rock and hard place - doing a lot more administrative work (invoicing / receivables / etc.) - systems are not good and my boss is insanely position is new - so 3 of the 5 business units treat me like an outsider...and i hate that. I am very apathetic in this position - I don't think I'm going to get fired, but I'm almost hoping I get fired so I can start over (or have my posiiton get eliminated) .....

So ... I think I know the first response to all reading this - get thicker skin and what do you want to do with your life...

But - I have been going back and forth with my inner thoughts on explaining more about the moves than my skills.

Here's the kicker - my salary has also progressed - My experience (not even the impact of the many jobs) doesn't get me into the interviewer's office for positions at my salary...and - the work that I liked, was truly at a lower level - I have scouted around with some recruiters and they are not very responsive (damaged goods) - they'll get back to me. They also hate the idea of suggesting I'll go to a lower level position with 20% less pay right now (sounds desparate)?

Should I:

1. Make best of a bad situation - prepare for a job search at 24 months, 30 months, 36 months (if I can make it).
2. Go to a consulting gig - pay out the wazoo for Health Insurance (not sure of the long term impacts though - combining my job hopping with quitting to be a consultant...may make me look like the wacko I am).
3. Suck it up.

I appreciate your insights..

As you can tell - I'm rambling, but in fact - very miserable and disappointed in my job history to the point it is impacting my self-confidence and self esteem.

Thanks, TimX

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This may sound glib, so trust that it comes from someone who ratcheted back and took a lesser role at lower salary to rebuild along the right path.


Recruiters are great if your career is progressing conventionally, but they are less effective when you are taking the road less travelled. (there are rare exceptions).

You need to develop your network so that you can find the right situation. Focus on doing your job well for now, and develop the professional relationships that will allow you to discuss situations with prospective employers that are not purely interviews for open positions.

It'll work out, but you need to be patient, and you need to take ownership of the search away from the recruiters.

Good luck.


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I don't think it's that bad, but I hope you're not selling your experience to recruiters that way! You need to think about the positives of each role and a positive spin on why you moved on and start feeling positive about it yourself.

I'll pm you too.


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I think Wendii has the right idea. Despite your career being a little of a mish-mash, you've done good things, achieved outcomes, in short, made a difference. You might not see them right now but I know they are there - they just need finding! Focus on those achievements, collect them, put them clearly in your resume and move forward with those as positives in your career.

I'd also second John's comment about networking. I am right where you are at present (only without a job :wink:). I want to change role type. Have had an "interesting" career but have had to go back carefully over what I've done, understand the parts I liked and performed well, understand the bits I didn't like (and therefore performed less well) And identified what makes sense now given what I want and my experience.

Taking a lesser pay for a move into the right path is definitely one of the options I'm seriously considering.

So in short, don't panic, you're not alone, focus on doing the job you have now well, and take the time to review your career for what you've really achieved.

Good luck, we're all here to help.

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[quote="jhack"]This may sound glib, so trust that it comes from someone who ratcheted back and took a lesser role at lower salary to rebuild along the right path.

I couldn't agree more. As a job seeker, I, too, once took a lesser role to re-focus and it paid off in the long run. As a hiring manager, I have come across stories that are similar to yours, Tim. Besides looking across to the person and asking if I thought he could do the job, I had to ascertain the flight risk. The question I look to answer is one of explanation. If the path is not logical or explainable then I usually stay away. I have hired managers with scarier stories than yours (on paper) that have done well.

Also, as said by all... build your network.

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Sorry this has taken me so long.

I'm sorry you're struggling. I recommend you build your network, and keep your job performance as effective as you can. Get your resume ready, and think more about what you want to do.

Despite recruiters' lack of response, if you want to take a step back, you can.