This recommendation might seem a bit out of place for a managers forum, but one of my favorite book is [i]5 Pillars of the Visual Workplace: The Sourcebook for 5s Implementation[/i] by Hiroyuki Hirano. (5S is often translated as Sort, Set, Shine, Standardize, Sustain).

Despite what many people think, it [u]is[/u] applicable to professional work environments (which are often an unholy mess) but the reason I like it so much is because it really is saying: simplify, focus on the fundamentals and expect excellence.

Articles on 5S don't have the punch that the book has because the principles & reasonings behind 5S are breezed over and they emphasize physical actions rather than the paradigm shift.

If you think 5S doesn't apply to you, you will change your mind when you read this book.

I also love "The Toyota Way" (that's for another post I think)

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Thanks Colleen! I agree about this book. VERY good.

And the profile is right, trust me. You write with as many pronouns as I do, and you tell people what they should think. That's HIGH I. :wink: