Hi guys

I received the email today that there have now been 500 podcasts, wow thats a lot!

My question is how do I get them all, I have 219 in career tools, 76 in manager tools and 19 in manager tools basics.   I have clicked on the "update podcast" from the list in itunes but there appear to be no more.  So that means 314 podcasts.

Im sure that there is a simple answer and Im really hoping that someone with more IT sence than me knows how to do it..

Please help

Stephen Parkins


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Itunes limits the number of casts in the feeds. If you use the registered members feeds from this page: you'll get all of them. Enjoy catching up!


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Way to go Mike and Mark along with Wendii and the rest of the MT team!  I'm still in the process of catching up on earlier casts, and enjoying every single one.  Does anyone else listen to each podcast several times?

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In response to your question, I have listened to several casts multiple times and highly recommend it.  For me, I will often encounter a situation I'm dealing in my organization and will recall a cast I listened to a while back, where the recommendations were interesting at the time, but not nearly as important or relevant as they are now while confronted with this particular situation.  Listening again to that cast will help me think through my response to the situation by carefully considering and applying the recommendations. I've done this with the casts on conflict, interviewing and brainstorming, with extremely positive results.  

There's also something to be said for listening to casts more than once in order to gain new insights or because you will experience the ideas and recommendations differently after time has passed, especially if you've listened to several other casts in between.  The interrelated nature of the different casts and their recommendations is really quite remarkable.   

Great question.  Hope this is useful.