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I've been using O3s now for about 6 months. Whilst I'm sure what I'm doing in them isnt exactly what M&M suggest (they've become more of a WIP catch up than anything to personal from the directs) I have been doing them.

It's now time for 6 monthly appraisals with the team. These were in place way before I started O3s and previoulsy have consisted of around an hour / hour and a half going through the usuals (strengths/weaknesses/target setting/what do you want etc as well as often a pay review).

My question is, with O3s in place, what is the role of a 6m appraisal, as we've discussed almost all issues on a regular basis. Should I still be doing them? If so what should we cover?

Any advice ??????


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The mid-year reviews are perfect for determining whether a direct is tracking on performance goals that were set at the last _annual_ review. Further, it is a time to reflect, together, on your directs' career trajectory.

In my view, it does not have to be a prolonged discussion but do set aside time.

Finally, independent of whether your direct is a top performer--the annual review must not be a surprise. Your mid-year/six-month review requires forethought on your part. Provide feedback and reinforce the great behaviors/activities you see in your team every day.