The good folks over at have written a book about the “100 Best Business Books of All Time.” Its release date is scheduled for February but they have an interesting contest to “count down” to the release of their book (i.e. free book give away). You can take a look at the contest here:

Hurry the contest ends on Sunday September 14, 2008 (as an aside, I have never been spammed or received unwelcome emails because I have given them my email address).

If you don’t know much about they are a company that specializes in business books. For a short video of their services you can check out this video:

Need 100 out-of-print books, need 200 books signed by the author, want 50 personalized books to give to clients/friends/employees, or just a single copy they can take care of you.

They also have a pretty good blog that summarizes a lot of the new business releases, as well as podcast interviews with the authors.

If you are a Seth Godin fan they also have an offer to attend his upcoming conf in NY:

For full disclosure, I am just a fan of this company. I don’t have any ownership or personal connections (other than being a happy customer).