Hi my manager and myself differ on grading performance of other teams on a common milestone. I feel they have acheived 95% of the review and hence should fall in green category. My manager considers this as "Done" vs "Not Done". This has taken major efforts on their side and the tasks were pending for 3 years.

This is not a goal we are accountable to our customers. It is internal, better on long term kind of goal.

She has authority over me to decide, but I worry the relationships will strain with results.


Any take.

Sorry I am leaving this question Ambiguous intentionally.


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Ask yourself a few questions

What is the long term effect of this grade ?

Is this grade entered somewhere ?  Do they get penalties or a pizza party because of it ?

Do you and your manager both get to submit this grade somewhere ?  

Or Is this some kind of grade that comes from your Department as a whole.

In which case, you were asked for input and your Manager gets to decide.  

You did your job, breath in, breath out, move on. 

Do you really need to insist that your assesment must be the grade ?

If this causes a strain, it is because of you letting it.  

Perhaps your manager understands more about how grading in your Org works, or has a better perspective of the long term consequences in the difference between a 95% and 100%.

Don't let your striving for the most accurate assessment damage the relationships between you and your boss and the other team.

If the Boss wants to give them 5% Grace, that's his/her call.

I can understand that this may be a point of honor for you - and a matter of personal integrity, and, you have statisfied your honor and integrity by making an honest assessment report to your boss.

As you say - this sounds like internal benchmarking.  

If it isn't illegal or morally unethical, then a 5% grace should not be a big deal -- should it ?


Maintaining positive relationships in the face of shared goals among the entire organization is also a point of honor and personal integrity.


Give the folks in that other Dept a little more credit.  Surely some of them know that they were not 100%.  And they may appreciate the little bit of 5% Grace your boss gives them.


Good Luck