Wondering if I can obtain some thought for consideration in my situtation - thanks in advance, it is appreciated.

My boss resigned last year, after he and I had worked closely together on a thoroughly successful new service launch. I applied for his job, but they talked him into coming back. He left again after six months, and I applied a second time, They went with an outside candidate over me in the final decision. My new boss is now is leaving after 5 months, for a better offer. Today they offered me the position, verbally. They asked me if I was interested, and I noted it had only been five months since they chose someone else, and said I did not intend to apply but would entertain an offer. They pointed out a couple things they felt had improved, said they would like me in the position, and gave me a high level salary number.

It is frustrating, and I don't want to be thrown off by that emotion. What should I be concerned about in this situation, and what positives should I not overlook? If you have been in a similar situation, your experience would be helpful.

Thanks, Gordon


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It seems to me that getting the job you've wanted for a year along with a promotion and a high salary would be the big positives. If that doesn't do it, I'm not sure looking for additional incentives is going to get you anywhere.

I've been in situations where I didn't have any desire to advance in companies and I found other opportunities.

If you're willing to stop worrying about water under the bridge and can move forward with a positive attitude I see no downsides. I would caution against showing too much attitude. Saying you wouldn't apply but would entertain an offer is pretty ballsy, but sometimes you gotta rattle a cage here and there. Just don't overdo it.

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Thanks Lemerson for the perspective. I think I can move on, one concern is that they don't really have confidence in me but want to avoid a job search. My currently role has reasonable challenges and is fairly compensated, and I don't want to set myself up for failure. I will be 100% committed to success, but will also need support. Thanks very much for the caution, it echoes others I have spoken to.