I left a restaurant company after 14 years at the job title of Director of Operations to pursue a Real Estate career in '05.  Well, you know how that went...

So, after an absence of five years from the business, I accepted a job running a Starbucks operation while I apply for restaurant jobs nearer my former rank.

After 18 months and 50+ applications, I've received nothing but rejection.  Assuming the advice to take a job to pay the bills ("everyone will understand", they said) was good advice, how do I neutralize the negative effect this job has had on my resume?  How do I get the phone to ring?


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I cannot answer your question tactically, in that I don't know how to phrase that on your resume. But I will take a stab at answering strategically. I use the term, "stab," since I don't have a lot to go on.

My advice would be to focus more on getting face and phone time with the right people via networking or even cold calling where you could explain your history. So, lead with your voice, not your resume.

Also, is there a local or state restaurant association that you could become active in? What about local charity events sponsored by restaurant chains? Volunteering at a local food bank? Sure, these sound like long shots, but they raise your visibility in the community. And they may help you in the interview if the company you interview with has a culture of civic involvement.

Or, are you in a position to open your own restaurant?