I've enjoyed listening to the podcasts and wondered if I could seek some advice on accepting feedback. I work as a researcher. In my annual appraisal, my manager wrote that I seek feedback but do not receive it in the spirit it is intended. When I asked further he explained that this was because on one occasion I failed to validate the criticism that was given to me and focused only on why I disagreed with what was said. He also said I took the feedback too personally. 

I'll explain further. I did some work for a particular supervisor who wrote report on my performance on that project which fed into my annual appraisal with my manager. The supervisor said I did not conduct interviews with stakeholders, one of the important elements of my role and had not expressed a desire to do so. When I enquired, she said she had expected to to say, specifically "I want to carry out interviews" and since I didn't she didn't assign this to me. 

I want to know how best to respond to feedback when one feels it's based on incomplete/incorrect information. I'll be grateful for your response. 

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There are a few casts that could help.

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You may fully believe you don't deserve the feedback you are getting.  You may be 100% right.  

If they have formed a different view, rather than defending yourself, ask yourself why they could have gotten the wrong impression of you or events.   It may be very hard not to defend yourself, but finding a way to accept the feedback is absolutely in your best interest.

It is better to have your boss think you are open to feedback, willing to learn, flexible and easy to work with.  You can't achieve this by defending yourself.

good luck