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I've listened to the podcast on "How to Handle Offers" and I feel it is directed at recent graduates as they interview for multiple positions.  I'm trying to apply that advice to my near 19 year career and need thoughts on how to handle 2 potential offers - one internal and one external of my current employer.  

The question is, do I advise my current employer that I have a job offer in case they are prepared to offer me the internal position?

First I know that until I got something, I got nothing.  The internal position is a "probable" meaning that I expect I would be the first choice for the position.  It's a newly created position and I'm not 100% confident that the position will go through before the end of the year.  

The external position is more of a certainty.  The hiring manager set a meeting with me in what I expect will be the offer.  I was recommended for the position my a friend currently at the company, and he has let me know that the hiring manager's boss thanked him for recommending me for the position.   

If I'm offered the internal position first, then I'm okay advising the external company that I have another offer.  I doubt this will occur given the lack of speed that has already been exhibited.  

If I receive the external position first, do I let my current company know in case they are interested in offering me the internal position.  

I've intentionally tried to boil this down to the basics without reference to which job I would prefer.  While I can evaluate one or both offers for myself, I'm interested in the general advice on how to address this scenario.


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I don't recommend you advise your current employer. It puts them in a bad position, and even if you get an offer internally after you advise them it can taint the offer / social capital. Take a listen to this cast:

Good luck!

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I appreciate you bringing this cast to my attention.  I missed it somehow and it addressed the situation.

All the best!

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I think this is a tough issue. I don't have any answers, and I don't think I can point you to answers, but I would recommend the following excellent casts as well: How do I Know I have an Offer, one on Counter Offers, and one related to Multiple offers.