Hi everyone,

I'd like to get suggestions on how to squeeze a couple of accomplishment bullets from this situation.  

I am a drafter who was hired by a company to complete a backlog of redlined drawings.  There were over 300 redlines that had to be done.  I reduced it by 82% within the first 6 months I was employed. The other 18% were not clear.  I returned them to my supervisor for clarification and never got them back.

The company had a few layoffs, and that supervisor is no longer there.  I'm the only person left who can do his job.  It's now my responsibility to go back into time, sort through all of the drawings, and make sure they are all as accurate as possible.  

In short I'm cleaning up a mess that was created before I came there - on a deadline.  This hasn't been an easy task.  During the process I've discovered issues that required me to re-do a lot of work I'd done already.  Also, in order to resolve the unclear markups I've had to get help from the remaining engineers.  So far I've met all of my weekly deadlines.  Currently I'm  2 1/2 weeks ahead of schedule. 

If I state:

  • Reduced a backlog of 300 redlines by 82% in 6 months

does it raise a question about the remaining 18%?  How can I incorporate staying on schedule?  This is the first time I've had a deadline with this company. 

Thanks for your help!

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 A suggestion would be to use the other 18% to show your strengths rather than implying a weakness or failure. Bullet may read:


Checked, clarified & back drafted remaining 54 drawings 17 days ahead of schedule

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I believe an 82% completion rate on a new project is great news. Leave it there. If people ask in an interview then tell them the details then. 


Here are some other possible bullets you could claim:

Corrected errors from previous administration by collaborating with engineers.

Decreased company risk by communicating uncertainties to my supervisor.

100% delivery on weekly deadlines by (what actions kept you on schedule?)

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 Thanks Timrutter and Mfculbert!  

Mfculbert, I haven't taken the DISC yet, but I think I'm more of an S.  And thank you for getting all of that down into 3 clear statements!