I am an engineering manager in a multi-discipline engineering consulting company.  Over the past couple of years, my role has evolved from being the team lead for my group on major projects, to more a discipline manager, with other members of my group being the team lead for our portion of various projects.

My challenge comes in the putting accomplishments related to those projects on my resume.  I used to be be able to write accomplishments that looked like this"
"Led structural design team for project "X" and completed all deliverables a minimum of 1 week ahead of schedule.”
Now, I am no longer leading the team directly.  I am doing more overall group management, and on projects, my role is more about reviewing the design, consulting on issues, and ensuring adequate resources than actually leading the effort.  
Has anyone else addressed this in their resume? What do your accomplishment bullets now look like?

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Maybe something like:

Managed the creation of structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing [others?] designs, of a portfolio of projects valued at over $10B with less than 1% variance against schedule and budget.