Hi Manager Tools Forums,

I'm a new professional and I've just begun my career in advertising as an Account Executive.

I don't have formal KPIs to meet and my manager isn't particularly helpful in establishing what criteria my performance will be judged on.

  1. Can somebody with advertising experience provide some guidance on what areas I should be focussing on?
  2. Additionally, could you point me in the right direction on what types of accomplishments I can include on my CMD/résumé?

Thank you in advance!


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You can work out your KPI's and the accomplishments you need to be getting yourself.

Have a look at your job description - does it tell you what you're responsible for? All those things will become KPIs, and when you've met the standard, you can list them on your CMD.

If your job description isn't helpful, cheat. Go to Monster, look up account executive, and look through the ads until you find one that's for a job similar to yours and has responsibilities. I found this one as an example:

Makes a constant effort to find new business.
Develop future contacts from show prospect lists and show site contracts.
Cross-sell all Freeman services and make a constant effort to generate new business.
Ascertain exhibitor requirements, prepare presentation collateral materials and make stand-up presentations where appropriate, along with necessary follow up activities to complete sale.
Produce and review orders with project managers and branch personnel.
Quote prices and credit terms in compliance with Freeman policies and procedures.
Follow-up and resolve customer complaints and collections when necessary.

If this were your job description then the first KPI could be:

Attain 2 new customers per month

and the accompishment would be:

Achieved 100% of standard by attaining 24 new customers in a calendar year.

Does that help?


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That's great! Thanks Wendii. :)