Hi everyone! Let me do this according to the BLUF principle and start of with my question:
Do you have any tips or recommendations in addition to the general ones given by MT for how to write achievements on an MT-style resume when you work as a consultant?

To give you some background, I just graduated from university with a MSc in Physics and will soon join the strategy practice of one of the large American management consultancies here in Sweden. I’ve been listening to Manager Tools for over 6 months now and even though my entry level position is far from having managerial responsibilities I know that I will benefit greatly from what I’m learning here. Furthermore, some of the things I’ve learned have already helped me, such as the casts on interviewing and resumes. I believe that my one-page MT-style resume and closing during the interview helped me land this job. One of the important lessons I’ve learned regarding resumes is to make sure I keep it up-to-date which is why is asked the above question. How do I write achievements as a consultant when most of my work will be focused on other firms? I’ve worked as a programmer and web designer for many years during my studies and could quite easily summarize my achievements in clear bullets on my resume but I feel like this will be much harder with most of my work focused on external clients. Am I just worrying too much and will it all make sense once I’ve started my projects and get a better understanding of what it is exactly that I will do or are there specific things I should keep in mind?

I hope that made sense! Thank you in advance.

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Remember to focus on your achievements for the firm, not just the clients: revenue generated, new clients won, customer satisfaction. The individual projects matter less than their cumulative impact on your firm.

and congratulations on the new position!

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Yep, you're worrying too much. You'll be fine.


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Thank you for your answers! If I have any problems a year from now when I've tried a couple of times, I guess I will just come back with follow-up questions :wink: