I have been experimenting with my 1/1's in two parts

1) Hot Wash

I have tried to implement a few Hot Wash items in my quartile sales meetings but have discovered my sales people forgot the Hot Wash Items by the next meeting..... So i have been asking a Hot Wash question in each 1/1 and sharing some feed back from others i have met with during the week.

2) 2 Business Commitments (weekly)

I ask for 2 business commitments (usually the white noise type stuff / important but not urgent). What are they willing to commit to accomplishing by next week.

I have been running these two pieces in the last 10 minutes of our 1/1.

So far i am hearing from my folks is they do not enjoy the Hot Wash questions each week - but i have seen an increase in execution on the important but not urgent...

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Frankly, I couldn't care less whether they like it or not, so well done for asking and seeing better results.

How embarrassing to tell your boss you don't like something he's doing that improves your performance!


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the large improvement has come from the 2 business commitments....

The weekly Hot Wash questions.....well some but not so much. I might be asking the wrong types of questions??

ex: Take a look at what you are doing in the course of your day..identify something that if you stopped doing it would have no impact on your business..