I teach communication college courses (public speaking and interpersonal). I love being able to share real advice from real managers with my students. I'm building a connection between what they are learning in class and how it applies to the "real world."

1. Common mistakes you see from new graduates or young professionals. 

2. Situations that you see young professionals in that makes you cringe or roll your eyes.

3. Specific skills that need to be developed while in college.

4. Things you had to learn on the job that you wish you learned while school.

5. Anything else you want to share with 18-22 year olds in college. 


Thank you!

Charmin Lindholm


In my good-bye message, I send them the Career Tools podcast link at the end of the semester. After I listened to the podcast on building a network (via Linkedin), I invite all the students who passed my course to connect with me on Linkedin. 


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Love this!  I do something similar as an Alumni Guest Lecturer.