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BLUF - I work for a big company with too many layers where I am not realy happy.  I have been offered a job with a much smaller company, however,  they are dangling the you could be a Director in 2 years carrot.  Is this going backwards in my career?

I was hoping for a little advice here.   I currently work as a Sales Manger in a large organization.  We are the biggest company in our sector.  I am one of 6 Mangers and we are growing through acquisition all the time.  There is talk that this is more opportunity, however, it has just felt like more work and more layers of management and Directors.  The more people there are the mre cut throat it feels.  It is hard to even have a voice at the table and when I do, I always feel like my ideas get vetoed.  I also dislike one of the Directors as she feels like a big bully.  The only good news is that I do not report to her.  I have not really been happy for a while and have recently been approached for another opportunity.

This company is in the same sector and the job itself is very similar to what I do now (for the most part I like the role).   They are willing to pay me more, so the compensation is good.  They have also said they are hoping this person will be successful and in two years could move into a Director role.  It sounds all good but my worry is that I am going backwards by making this move.  I would go from 6 directs and 63 indirects to 3 directs and 43 indirects.  I would also go from 1 of 6 Managers to the only Manager.  It seems like there is good and bad with that.  

I have been with my current company 8 years and have lots of job security.  I think I am afraid to leave that but I also worry that most people would be trying to get into the big firm not away from it.  

What do you think?   Am I crazy for thinking of leaving?  Should I stick out my current role and see what happens when we are growing so quickly?.  

I really appreciate the advice, sorry for the length.



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I totally understand your concerns, it's difficult to know what's the best thing to do when you've been setlled somewhere for so long.

Let me pick out some key phrases from your note above:

  • It is hard to even have a voice at the table and when I do, I always feel like my ideas get vetoed

  • I also dislike one of the Directors as she feels like a big bully

  • I have not really been happy for a while

I think you already know what the right decision is and to me it sounds very attractive. The differences in reports is completely irrelevant. The current Director that you do not get on with may block any future opportunity for you and if all your ideas are being vetoed, the writing is on the wall.

Opt for happiness would always be my advice. You have a firm indication of promotion two years down the road with the new employer - what inidications do you have from the current employer? You're sticking around in the 'hope' that something will come up as the business is growing  - if this is the case there's always the option to come back to the business at a later date - probably as a Director though!

So, the options look like:

  1. Stay = Ideas get vetoed, unhappy, bullied, no indication of progression.

  2. Go = Fresh team that want you, clear indication of progression, happiness

​I'd love to know your decision. Good luck!


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I was with a small company with a dozen employees that got acquired by an international conglomerate with tens of thousands of employees. I had similar emotions regarding feeling like my voice wasn't heard, etc. I pushed to keep the standards, but got shut down over and over again because change is difficult in a big company. I butted heads with upper management and my work satisfaction took a nosedive. I felt pretty sorry for myself until a good friend, who was stuggling looking for good work, scolded me about complaining. He was right, that I had a secure job and made good money, and I needed to stop whining. I gave in, and decided to play the big corporate ladder-climbing game instead of fighting. Suddenly nothing was ever wrong, everything always fantastic, keeping a positive outlook, regardless of the end result.

I still remember that annual review. It said I was on the wrong track after the acquisition, and had a hard time working with people. But at a certain point I became cooperative (became a "Yes Man"). Again, I just stopped caring about the end result, and started playing the game.

Fast forward a couple of years and we got the band back together. We started another small company and competed against the monster corporation.

Whether it's a step backwards just depends on the companies. In my case, from a happiness standpoint, the small companies were 9's and the huge company was a 2.

One thing I love about working for a small company is how fast you can get things done. In the big company, if you did manage to get approval to change a system, it would take six months to switch over. In the small company, you can go out to lunch, make a decision, and have it implemented by 1:00 in the afternoon.

All else being equal, I'd go with the small company. But alas, all things are never equal.