Can anyone recommend a good ipad 3 case worthy to be presented to a client and at a meeting. 

I am not really happy with the standard cases, as they look rather cheap and plastic.

(Referring to the notebook MT podcast. )

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My two favorite iPad cases are:



Tough nylon. Fits snugly (iPad 2, not 100% sure about the new one). Protects the back. Stays open to rest on a desk at two different angles. Clean lines and several colors are available.


Tough exterior. Good keyboard with 2 full-size shift keys. Stays charged for a long time. One downside is that the keyboard must be removed slightly to charge (I made a little cut-out with an x-acto knife on mine). Mixed reviews on Amazon, but I'm happy with mine.

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Unfortunately, the Tumi case for the iPad 2 won't hold the iPad 3.-

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...but it looks like the Zagg will hold the new iPad.