BLUF: I'm looking for advice on when/if/how to negotiate in a situation in which I am expecting to be given a significant increase in responsibility.

I manage a market division that makes up c60% of the gross margin of the organization and cuts across multiple product groups. I am in an evolving matrix organization and financial responsibility lies with the Directors of each product group. Through discussion with my line manager it has become apparent that I am likely to be given responsibility (directly measured objective and I assume job description) for a significant portion of our organization gross margin. Ownership of a direct number (in this case c$150m GM) would be new to my role.

This is a positive step for me and I am looking forward to the new challenge. I'm looking for advice for how/when/if to raise a review of my grade within our organization which I believe this change merits. I do not expect to be asked if I want the added responsibility but for it to be unilaterally given to me. This means that I will not necessarily at any point be in a position in which I am made an offer that I can negotiate.

In this scenario should I raise my expectation of a grade review proactively, before the change? Should I do so after the change is made or should I keep quiet? Through entirely justified means (I previously had a role that meant I was privy to the remuneration of the entire organization and these individuals sat in single person cost centres that meant they were very visible) I know that their package is significantly better than mine (ie. 2X). If the change were to be made I believe that I would have the same breadth and depth of responsibility (GM responsibility, individual contributors [virtual teams] and limited overhead budget) as they do and as such the application of the Hay rating system should make the roles equivalent. In fact, as there are more product groups than markets, my direct financial responsibility will be more than 2X that of any of the product directors.

If I expected to be asked if I want the responsibility I would go straight for the relevant podcast but I'm not sure how/if I can get myself in a situation where there is a discussion as I would rather not simply say I'm being undervalued but in light of the above info I believe that I would be.

Any advice would be gratefully received,

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Do the job until you have some good accomplishments then consider negotiating a salary increase. The last thing you want to have happen is to have the increase in responsibilities taken away. After 6 months you'll have some amazing accomplishments and you'll be in a much better position for requesting additional compensation.

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I don't think there is any harm in asking a question along the lines of..

Given what you have described, may I ask if there is likely to be a change to grading and/or compensation as a result of taking on these additional responsibilities, either now, or something that I can work towards in the future?