I recently (7 months ago) got the chance to lead a department for my org. I have around 45 active employees working Mon-Fri, and they work at our clients offices. Some work together at a maximum of 4 while most work alone or as a duo.

I find it hard to observe my employees to see what they might need from me due to not meeting them in person that much. Any kind of evaluation or performance review is hard to stage due to them having to work the same hours I do for the clients.

I am looking for advice, guides, podcasts, books etc that might help me give higher value to the ones I am managing. Specifically regarding leading them to improve in their weak areas and discovering potential hickups before my client voices concern.

Been reading on this and other sites as well as currently listening to John Maxwell podcast but it's hard to apply due to many regering to working with your team each day in person.


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Stay focused with your goals and align your values to the core values of the company you are working with.