Hello! I just joined the group. I was looking for a place to get some advice about my current problem, but this looks like a great website for growing as a manager.

Here's my dilemma: I've been manager for about a year and a half. Although people management has been my most difficult area, overall, people seem relatively happy with my leardership.

My problem is with my second-in-command. Before I came, leadership was not too good and she was more or less in charge. She does a lot of things excellently. She seems satisfied with my leadership and I think we have a good relationship.

However, I have received complaints about her being rude, critical, disrespectful and really riding other employees when I am not around.

I have mentioned this to her already. (One person actually quit because of her.) I am preparing annual performance reviews. I want some concrete goals that we can reach toward to improve this behavior.

I'm a little lost right now as to how to approach this. As it's happening when I'm not here, I hate to ask people to snitch for me: "Is she getting better? Was she mean to you?" People don't really want to create waves with her and talk to me about it, but I know it is causing problems.

I think part of the problem may just be that she's not good with social interactions, so it may be, in part, an issue of coaching for appropriate behaviors.

Any advice?

Thank you!