I have been with my company for 23 years, the first 21 as an individual contributor. About 18 months ago our department reorganized and I was given two directs and the responsibilities that go along with them. This is a "working manager" position so I kept all my old duties, while the new responsibilities added (conservatively) 30% to my load.There was no change in title or compensation at the time. Nine months in to my new responsibilities I had my annual review, and the merit increase and bonus were exactly the same as I had received the year before when I was an individual contributor. 

Something about this feels fundamentally unfair. If I had gone to management and asked for a 30% raise they would have demanded justification. When management assigns me 30% more work there should be some consideration in exchange.

It's not about the money. But I keep comparing my current situation against the alternate universe where I remained an individual contributor and got the same level of compensation for less work. So it just feels like I have been somewhat taken advantage of.

Am I being naive or selfish? Is this what I should expect now that I am in the world of management ("Welcome to 'They'")? Or is this really as out of balance as it feels?


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That sounds super frustrating. Take a listen to this cast: That may help. Note that there's a part 2 to that cast as well. 

It sounds like you have waited quite a while, which is the first part of the cast. The next step in the cast covers asking your boss, "What's the plan?" That will help you have a conversation about future expectations, responsibilities, and even compensation. 

Sorry for the rough situation. Good luck!


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It took me a few seconds to realize I had already listened to these podcasts. It was actually these two casts that made me realize this had happened to me in the first place. I listened to them both again - they are great - to reinforce the message.

PS - I also bought the Résumé product, just in case!

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Have you ever expressed interest in managing people?  Have you had a conversation recently (or ever) with you manager about career direction/goals?  In many restructurings, a company ends up with less people to do the same amount of work.  Ultimately, it usually means some portion of that work is considered less important and acceptable not to be done at all.  In other situations, things are moved around without reducing the number of people in order to put emphasis on getting different things done. 

I know that in my career, I've had several instances where I've gotten substantially more or different responsibility without getting more pay - once even in a restructuring where I ended up managing people.  Life and work is not fundamentally "fair".  Some people get paid more than other people to do exactly the same job, for all kinds of reasons.  Only you can decide whether you like your work and want to still do it for what they're willing to pay you.  Are you literally working 30% more?  Or is there 30% more work, but 30% of the less important work you were doing before just doesn't get done anymore? 

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Did you ask for a raise?  At some companies, that's what it will take.

Also, there is a cast on the pre-work to do before your review (I don't recall which one it is, I'm sure it's searchable).  That would be a good thing to do before asking for a raise, so you can back it up.

Good luck!