Two questions regarding an internal interview this Friday.

1. Anyone have experience in IT hardware support groups that can offer advice on key skills?

2. How do I "suit up" on a casual Friday without arising suspicion among my team?

Background: This week I was approached by our internal recruiting department about an opening in another group. My name came up as a result of a search of our talent management process (not performance appraisal - more of a review upwards of talent levels along with an internal resume - used to identify top talent). It's in a group very different from what I do now but I can totally see how my background fits their situation. 

1st... super awesome. It's fantastic to have someone seek you out because of your track record of success (thank you m-t!)

2nd... This would be a promotion to a senior mgt position overseeing several IT groups - asset mgt and in-person support for PC related issues. I have a lot of skills that are a good fit - employee development, asset mgt at a prior employer, customer service. But I'm wondering if there's anything specific to a group like this that I may not be aware of as an outsider.  My interaction into this world has always only been as a customer. 

3rd... my interview is on a Friday afternoon. I plan to wear a suit. BUT... my current team obviously does not know that i've been approached. I'm not embarrased to be judged or worried about being over dressed with the hiring manager. But I would like to avoid the rumor mills within my current team. For now there's nothing for them to know. It's just a meeting. And until there's an offer I don't want to cause any kind of speculation about my departure.

Fridays are casual here. Jeans, sneakers. Some people always wear regular biz casual on fridays but I"m not one of them. I'm always jeans on Friday. So something else will stand out. Any suggestions for how to spin the story if anyone asks? I'll plan to leave the jacket off until I actually go to the interview. But dress pants & heels... (oh yes, I'm a woman, if that matters). 


For the record... this is one time I think M-T missed the mark a bit. Their advice from Internal Interviews to wear a suit is correct. But their assumptions about why people wouldn't include: being worried you'll be made fun of, not wanting to see too eager, and assuming that you don't need to. But they don't address that sometimes you just need to avoid everyone being involved in your business and a change of usual attire definitely attracts attention. Most managers would not want their team to know they are being considered for something else until there's actually an offer to decide upon. 

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No experience with IT and when I was interviewing I often had them scheduled for a Friday. If anyone asked why I was dresed up I simply stated that I had something happening directly after work and would not have time to go home and change. 

It helped that I would occasionally dress up for appointments on random days - dinners and other get togethers along with interviews. Dress approprately and just explain it away without divulging the truth or lying to them. 


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The afterwork appointment.... that's good.

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It sounds like the new position is at the director level - manager of managers. so technical skills are less important than at the levels below.

Having been in IT Operations for the last 15 years I will recommend that you try to familiarize yourself with key concepts from ITIL v.3 - a framework for delivering IT services, this you can find for free searching the internet. The Cobit framework could also warrant a lookover. Furthermore, I strongly recommend the book "The CIO Paradox" by Martha Heller - this will give you a lot of insights into the challenges you will need to help solve with the leadership team in IT.

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I will definitely look into those.  Neither of those terms are familar to me. Just a quick glance looks like they could be extremely useful!  At the very least a question about what my role would be in implementing/maintaining the ITIL standards!

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